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World Oldest People - Fourth Spot - Lucy Hannah

Lucy Hannah (Alabama, July 16, 1875 - Michigan, March 21, 1993) was an American supercentenarian. Lucy is the fourth-oldest person on record and the oldest African American, as well as the oldest living American at the time of her death.


In certain scientific circles they consider her to be the third-oldest person ever, though Guinness recognizes her as fourth, after the famous Jeanne Calment (1875-1997), the disputed Shigechiyo Izumi (1865?-1986) and Sarah Knauss (1880-1999) respectively. She was also the oldest person not to be the "world's oldest living person", since the final years of her life happened to coincide with those of Jeanne Calment, the oldest documented person in history.

At Lucy's death, her family claimed she was 118, but the case escaped more than local media notice. However, further investigation by the Social Security Administration's "Kestenbaum" study more than 10 years later verified her age at death as having been 117 years and 248 days (just a minor exaggeration of one year).

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